Blogcasting and Podcasting; They really are all that and more!

We have all been living and playing in the ultimate virtual technology world for well over 20 years now. In that time, the one thing we know for sure about our technology world is that it has always been fast moving. You gotta keep the latest and greatest on the drawing board or you'll get left behind in the technology world.

At the ripe and overly experienced age of 49, I have become somewhat complacent about technology. I have bragging rights in this virtual world because I enthusiastically started using computers with the very first Commodore 64 and the Radio Shack's in the early 1980s and have continually progressed to using the close-to super-computers of today.

I didn't think it could get more exciting than when computers came with internal hard drives, or you could put more than 256K of memory in the computer (and the operating system would actually access that memory) or when I logged onto the Internet for the first time using AOL.

As of today, the most exciting product of our technology-wise world has to be blogging and podcasting. I have been writing articles on for the past several months and I have to admit it is the greatest ego boost I've ever experienced.

I have been published for years in trade and consumer magazines, on the net, in local and regional newspapers and I've written a few computer and software how-to guides, but writing for an online blog such as is the best.

I can watch while my articles or opinion pieces are instantly read by millions of people across the world. I know this because the more my piece gets read, my rating number goes up. To watch this reading phenom, I have logged on to the site many times throughout my day and sometimes even at an hourly pace.

This blogging experience is added to writing for this blog with the biggest difference of having one blog site highly promoted and the other (this blog) left intentionally un-promoted.

Add to my blogging experiences of late, the immensely fun and exciting podcasting experience I've just had the opportunity to enjoy, and technology has a new face and a new depth. Podcasting, if you have not tried it, at first appears to be the most complicated technology to date and really is one of the most highly misunderstood technologies.

Podcasting is easy, fun, creative, applicable and far-reaching. It is satisfying to the writer in many of us because, like radio, podcasts have to be scripted to be effective. It is satisfying to the actor side of many of us because you have to read the script as if you feel the script.

For those of us that have less and less time to read, it is a great way to keep current with news and views. I could go on and on, and the are plenty of articles available online and in the local bookstores that tout the benefits of blogging and podcasting so I will leave now with my last expressed thought being that blogging and podcasting, they really are all that and more.


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