What's Write Today is Print Lives!

One of the great debates of late is whether print media is dead - killed off by digital media. I've read several articles of late that prove otherwise.

Print media is still king. One of our local newspapers had an editorial last month by the city editor that claims the newspaper's sales for the printed version are stronger today than ever. And, the full paper is online for everyone to read for free but they continue to sell the printed copy. And, they have even increased readership and sales because of the online version.

Selling Power magazine's publisher wrote in his editorial (November/December 2007 issue), "Last month I asked Selling Power readers to share your thoughts about print vs. online. I was floored by your overwhelming response in support of print."

Readers sent in commentary about their experiences with print vs. online. One reader commented about a business in northern Ohio going paperless then going out of business. Another reader commented, "We're still far away from replacing print. We have PDA's and text messaging but we still write on the back of cocktail napkins, on newspapers or the backs of envelopes."

One reader questioned the life span of blogs and stated that, "It's a blog eat blog world."

Being a longtime Internet user (I first used online resources in the days of online bulletin boards and I can remember logging onto AOL in its start up days), I find myself using online resources less and less these days. There was a time where I went to the Internet for everything including leisure reading, gaming, chatting, etc.

Not so much so now. I am still what I consider an Internet Power User. I am proficient at searching, I still enjoy the thrill of finding new and interesting sites, I prefer e-mail to any other form of communication and I do a tremendous amount of shopping online.

But I have reaffirmed my love of holding and reading a shiny magazine. I never lost my love of holding a book. And, I still find a phenomenal amount of data and research in the bookshelves at my local library or my favorite Borders Books.

The thing is - and I know many people just like this - I print almost everything I find on the net anyway so I probably generate more paper and produce more printed materials than I did before the Internet (there really were days before the Internet).

So print lives on. It is a blob eat blog world with blogs in a battle for their very existence. Digital is still a strong contender. And sadly, I am too old to share my life on myspace - but with all things digital - some day myspace will be too old for new technology.


john said…
Though online made huge difference in publishing industry. Surveys also predicting that by the next five years, online readers rate will increase rapidly. Major publishers are already using the web to circulate their publications and some publishers are using the services like www.pressmart.net kind services for digitization services.

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