What's Write Today is The Secret

There is a great book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Actually there is a DVD, a book and a Web site at www.thesecret.tv about the secret.

The secret, according to the Web site is, "The secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day."

Big secret! I think I've known that since birth. The true secret is how to change your thinking when your thinking is destroying your life. The book does try to provide ways to change one's thoughts to be more positive and more grateful. I've tried these tips and techniques to no avail.

It's hard to turn over 40 years of thinking one way to thinking in another. I've tried. I've failed. Nonetheless, I believe in the secret and thinking the book is the ideal self-help book. The secrets of a successful happy life are simple and the book does not try to complicate matters.

It tells it like it is. If you think it, feel it, see it in your mind's eye, believe it --- it will happen in real life. Be it good or bad -- it will happen in reality as it happens in your mind. One of the strongest parts of the book is the secret of the law of attraction.

This secret says you can have the life you want if you:
1. Have positive self-language (I am good, I am worthy, I know I can do)
2. Are grateful for what you have and where you are now
3. Visualize in detail
4. Bring on the details by seeing yourself driving that new car or taking that dream vacation
5. See the dream as already happening
6. Move in the directions of your dreams and the hows will take care of themselves
7. And, if you don't feel it, it won't happen.

All of these items are such common sense. Somehow we all seem to lose perspective in our lives and we lose control of all of these actions. Passion, feeling, visualizing, being happy with who and where you are today, believing it will happen are all feelings that have existed for hundreds of years.

Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, Beethoven are all secret practitioners.

My life has had so much tragedy touch it that is difficult for me to turn my thoughts back to the positive side. I've been on the dark side so long -- I feel too often that all hope may be lost. I do continue to think of all the positives but so much of the good things in my life were integrated into the lives of those I've lost over the years (12 deaths of close friends and family in the past 15 years) that all thoughts seem to lead me back to the dark side.

If there is one self-help that I feel can help, it is The Secret.


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