Write-on - I bought an Apple Mac Laptop

I am probably one of the most conservative persons you could meet or ever want to meet. Wearing my conservative cloak at all times, I have always thought about what my family - more specifically - my son would think before doing anything including selecting certain clothing styles.
My motto has been - not to do anything that would make my husband or my son embarrassed or not want to know me anymore. And, I feel that I have kept to that motto and have behaved exemplary throughout my adult life.
That is until one day about two weeks ago when - in a true moment of wild abandonment - I let my husband buy me an Apple Mac laptop. My son - the truest Windows and Linux guy you would ever want to meet - is pretending that the Mac laptop does not exist. He has told me he is disappointed that I gave into the hype that is Apple and he is certain that I am no longer technology literate but have some how become technology illiterate.
Having owned the Mac for a full two weeks - I admit that I do like the little thing. The Apple embossed on the lid is so cool. I have been doing most of my writing on it and have not experienced any learning curve or incompatibility issues or any real burps or annoying blips .
Admittedly, I like it. Regrettably, my son is not getting past it. I am still conservative - I am still computer literate - I can support two platforms - and - I am proud to call the Mac one of my own.....


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