Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office Book Review

Got a great book for any woman in business to read, Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers (Hachette Book Group, 2004) by Lois P. Frankel,  Ph.D.

The book looks at some of the mistakes women make when conducting themselves in the business world. I've been reading through all of the coaching tips presented in this book for the last two weeks and I can't seem to put the book on the shelf and deem it as a book I've finished reading.

Frankel tells readers that business is a game that they can win it if they play it right. She is a business coach that helps women recognize and work through some of their faux pas.

"The areas in which women often aren't quite as skilled as men are knowing where the imaginary boundaries are and understanding the unspoken rules. Many of the suggestions are counter to everything we learned growing up," writes Frankel.

Some of the chapter names include:
  • How You Play the Game
  • How You Act
  • How You Think
  • How You Sound
  • How You Look
  • How You Respond
Frankel goes over common mistakes women make such as decorating their office like their home, asking permission versus informing coworkers of intentions, using minimizing words, smiling inappropriately, taking up too little space at meetings, failing to define their brand, among many, many others.

After detailing what many women do for each category, Frankel then provides coaching tips to correct the actions. It is just a really no nonsense book with great information and meaningful coaching tips. I have found myself in so many of the mistakes and found great comfort in learning how to correct my own actions.

It is well written and makes for a great professional reference guide for professional women.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So I got an iPad for Christmas

I got it. I got what I had been asking for over the past year. I got an Apple iPad. It is a great little digital tool. I have been using it to track project notes, do my calendar, and read email. It has a much bigger screen to read email than my iPhone.

It makes a great net surfing machine. I am typing this post using the iPad right now. Of course typing is made a bit easier with the full size Apple keyboard I got as an accessory.

I've watched movies, listened to music, put an album full of my favorite photos, and yes, I've purchased a couple of e-books. Reading books is really a breeze and provides many moments of nice features for an avid reader.

Is reading in bed made more difficult because of low light? Do you spend a lot of time waiting in lobbies and wish you had a book with you to help pass the time? None of those problems occur when reading a book using the iPad.

The iPad is backlit which takes care of the low light situations. The iPad is small and compact and can easily be carried in a briefcase so that you have it with you at all times for all types of situations. I've read a book over the iPad while waiting to board a plane, while riding a plane, while waiting for my car to get its oil changed, and while waiting for my dinner to come at my favorite restaurant.

It is truly a miracle machine. All the great parts of a smartphone combined with some of the most used features of a laptop computer put into one lightweight, small power machine. Wow!