Two New Books Provide Differing Business Views

I have just finished a book, Blood, Bones & Butter (Random House, 2011) by Gabrielle Hamilton. The author is a the chef and owner of a restaurant called Prune in New York City's East Village. The book is a memoir that has a few surprising twists and turns.

Hamilton and her siblings were left and abandoned when their parents divorced. She details stories of shoplifting, drug use, world travels, her live-in girlfriends, her ultimate marriage and her children. All of this takes place while she learns to cook and then learns to run her own successful restaurant. Hamilton did attend the University of Michigan and received a MFA in fiction writing. She has written for many well known magazines including The New Yorker and Bon Appetit.

The second book I have just started is Onward How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul (Rodale Books, 2011) by Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. I have read a couple of Schultz's other bestsellers and the story and message in each have been pretty much the same. And, why not? It is what has made his company the success that it is today.
I look forward to reading this book which details how the company suffered a mid-life crisis just a short three years ago and how it came back from that to be profitable once again.


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