Missing Borders Books

The Borders Books store in my area has been closed for many weeks now. I have only been in a book store one time since it closed. The closest book store is 25 to 30 miles away. When I walked through the door of the book store, I picked up 5 books all right in front of the door. I never even made it halfway through the store.

I miss our Borders Books. About a week ago a new book store opened in its  place. Late last month, I drove by the then closed Borders store and some of the local people who sat in Borders' coffee shop almost everyday were standing outside looking in through the windows. It would appear, there are many people miss Borders.

Borders was more than just a store. It was a place to go to feel at home. The people were helpful and friendly, the books were from the bestsellers lists, the coffee was good and the shopping experience always the best. The Borders store in my area was 'the hot spot' in town for Friday evenings after eating out, Saturday nights after doing the required shopping and errands of the day or Sunday mornings to help wind down the weekend.

Our store was part of the community and this avid reader and book buyer truly misses it.


Remember, you can have 5,000 books on your Kindle which costs less than $100. T'is the way of the future and soon, no more bookstores. But we still have libraries!


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