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2012 Writer's Market

I recently purchased the 91st Annual 2012 Writer's Market book published by Writer's Digest. As in past years, the book is huge and filled with potential resources to help new and seasoned writers to get their work published and to generate income.

There are sections of listings for literary agents, book publishers, consumer magazines, trade magazines, newspapers, screen writing, play writing, greeting cards and contests and awards. Each section is prefaced with a page of tips on getting published in that particular market. One of the best examples is in the greeting cards section which offers a paragraph on "Freelance Realities" stating that most greeting card writers are staff writers.

I've shelled out the cash for many of the Writer's Market books in the two decades I've been freelance writing. Most years the book has been highly useful and I've gotten my return on investment. This year however with the current economic disaster we have going on …