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Yet Another Write On Phrase About Women

This time I'm writing about the over-used and undefined phrase "What Women Want". The particular article that sparked my commentary is an article from Laptop magazine. The author got paid to do four full-color pages to detail what women want from their technology.

Technology such as laptops, BlackBerrys and mobile phones. The inset for the title entices us to read on by saying "Three movers and shakers sound off on what turns them on when it comes to mobile tech. Hint: it's not pink."

The piece goes on to describe faceplates for earpieces that come in leopard print. It details pink Milano handbags used to carry mobile tech and one interviewee has the nerve to say that tech companies have made electronics sexier and that women don't feel as masculine when using mobile technology.

Wow. I have used technology since before it became sexy or popular. I pick my technology according to features and speed first then how the computer or phone or whatever it may be electronic fits my lifestyle.

I have never considered technology to be sexy. I do pick my phone by the way it looks and I have purchased more than one laptop case by the way its design and style made me happy. I know many men who pick their cases because of the way they look too.

But, once again, we have taken a move for women in the workplace and in all the professions that require the use of technology and boiled it down to appearances or feelings or of all things emotions. I am not and will never be emotionally attached to any non-human item.

My laptop serves a purpose. My cell phone serves a purpose. My electronic calendar serves a purpose. All those purposes add up to helping me get my job done better or faster or easier.

Why, why oh why make it about sexy or leopard skin of all things. Women, have fun buying leopard skin and sexy for the bedroom or for your shoes, purses, underwear or bathing suit.

Leave sexy out of your technology purchases.


dana said…
Great post really interesting writing style.

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