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The World is Flat?

Old school has truly become just that, old school. As a grade schooler I was taught that Columbus sailed the great seas to prove the world is round. And, until now, I really believed that the world was round.

In his book, "The World is Flat", Thomas L. Friedman starts by giving Christopher Columbus credit for discovering a round world. The author very quickly turns the table and provides his reasoning on why today's world has actually gone flat.

I am only about 50 pages into the book but I believe the author's reference to the world being flat relates to how much business and action taking place through the use of computer screens, cell phones, teleconferencing and the like. The book starts by describing the outsourcing of services from American companies. No, not to other American companies but to other companies in other countries.

Outsourcing is a growing phenomenon that's been taking place since the year 2000. Did you know that some fast food restaurants are tak…