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Whats Write Today is All About Writing Out The Garbage

I recently read an article from a writer about writing. I have read many, many, ok, too many books about writing. There are books on writing techniques, how-to write any topic you can think of, books to encourage and motivate writers, books about writers and the list goes on.

This particular piece made a difference because of one piece of advice. The writer suggested that you start each day out by taking a few minutes or more than a few minutes if you need to, and write out all of the junk that you are feeling. Writing out the junk or the garbage first thing, allows you to get down to business and open your mind to writing better both in form, content and it even helps improve the mechanics.

I have been following this procedure for the past month or so and I have to say it is the best procedure I've used in a long time. OK, so you are thinking that writing out the garbage sounds pretty much like writing in a journal, which any writer worth his or her words, does on a regular and lon…

The Write-on topic today is tipping

I just read a column from a very popular and well-read columnist in one of our local newspapers about tipping those people who assist us in everything from getting a good meal to hanging up our coats.

My philosophy on tipping has always been, if I get good service -- I give a good tip. My son bases his tips on whether or not the waiter or waitress keeps his ice-tea glass full. My husband only really wants to tip when my son or myself guilt him into tipping.

My almost-daughter-in-law used to do hair for a living and relied on her tips to help make her car payment. She felt that all of us should tip 20% no matter the service, no matter the empty glass or the cold meal or the forgotten eating utensils. She used to tell us, "These people depend on tips to live on" and we should all appreciate that fact.

The local columnist believes that we should always show our appreciation for service -- be it good or bad -- because all people have bad days now and again. My own thoughts are that…

Blogcasting and Podcasting; They really are all that and more!

We have all been living and playing in the ultimate virtual technology world for well over 20 years now. In that time, the one thing we know for sure about our technology world is that it has always been fast moving. You gotta keep the latest and greatest on the drawing board or you'll get left behind in the technology world.

At the ripe and overly experienced age of 49, I have become somewhat complacent about technology. I have bragging rights in this virtual world because I enthusiastically started using computers with the very first Commodore 64 and the Radio Shack's in the early 1980s and have continually progressed to using the close-to super-computers of today.

I didn't think it could get more exciting than when computers came with internal hard drives, or you could put more than 256K of memory in the computer (and the operating system would actually access that memory) or when I logged onto the Internet for the first time using AOL.

As of today, the most exciting prod…

Make up your mind already

Too many options in this life lead to too many unmade decisions. I have always had trouble making up my mind. Even now in my mid-life I still struggle with what I want to do professionally (write, teach or manage), what I want to drive (a suv or sports car), what I want to do as a hobby (golf, bike, photography, baseball), which sports I like best (tennis, football or basketball) or the hardest decision of all, whether I like myself.

It has taken me over a year to decide which bushes I want in front of our newly built home. I ended up buying the same plants and bushes in the landscape plan we started with a year ago. I have taken courses on 'effective decision making' but couldn't decide if the tips and the training really helped or contained much merit.

I have a rough time with sitting on fence. I know I do it, I know it is not a good thing, but once again, I just can't decide which side to land. There are some things I do know. Voting is always a quick and confident de…