Make up your mind already

Too many options in this life lead to too many unmade decisions. I have always had trouble making up my mind. Even now in my mid-life I still struggle with what I want to do professionally (write, teach or manage), what I want to drive (a suv or sports car), what I want to do as a hobby (golf, bike, photography, baseball), which sports I like best (tennis, football or basketball) or the hardest decision of all, whether I like myself.

It has taken me over a year to decide which bushes I want in front of our newly built home. I ended up buying the same plants and bushes in the landscape plan we started with a year ago. I have taken courses on 'effective decision making' but couldn't decide if the tips and the training really helped or contained much merit.

I have a rough time with sitting on fence. I know I do it, I know it is not a good thing, but once again, I just can't decide which side to land. There are some things I do know. Voting is always a quick and confident decision. Deciding what to order in the Starbucks drive-up window poses no problem.

Defending my family, walking or hugging my dogs, realizing the advantages of using technology or enjoying a sun rise or sun set pose relatively no difficulty.

While I try to decide where to look next for help with making decisions, if anyone can help me decide where to vacation this year, I would certainly appreciate the input.


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