Whats Write Today is All About Writing Out The Garbage

I recently read an article from a writer about writing. I have read many, many, ok, too many books about writing. There are books on writing techniques, how-to write any topic you can think of, books to encourage and motivate writers, books about writers and the list goes on.

This particular piece made a difference because of one piece of advice. The writer suggested that you start each day out by taking a few minutes or more than a few minutes if you need to, and write out all of the junk that you are feeling. Writing out the junk or the garbage first thing, allows you to get down to business and open your mind to writing better both in form, content and it even helps improve the mechanics.

I have been following this procedure for the past month or so and I have to say it is the best procedure I've used in a long time. OK, so you are thinking that writing out the garbage sounds pretty much like writing in a journal, which any writer worth his or her words, does on a regular and long-term (life-time, actually) basis.

But this is journal writing with a defined purpose and pre-determined outcome. You can write about anything, not necessarily your life, and just write for the sake of writing. You don't have to worry about grammar, punctuation or whether it sounds better with this word or that word. You just write. You let the words work their way to the page without restriction.

It really works. Try it. Write the garbage out.


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