What's write today is being the pack leader

I just got the book "Be the Pack Leader" by Cesar Millan - the dog whisperer. I've only read the first 30 pages but the lessons have been surprising - pleasantly.

My first impression is that this book has a three-fold purpose in this world. First, it is meant to help dog owners be the leader of their pack of dogs. Second, it gives an excellent perspective on getting to know who you are inside. Third, it is a really good lesson in human pack leaders of human packs.

Cesar's mantra is to help you understand and read your dog's energy and then use that understanding to better connect to your dog. Good advice. You could easily substitute the word human for the word dog and a second powerful piece of advice is garnared from the statement.

He also suggests that you use the calm - assertive energy that you use to be the pack leader with your dog or dogs in your relationships with friends, co-workers and family. Calm - assertive - energy - once again this is very good advice.

To be an effective pack leader, Cesar's writes that we need balance in 4 very distinct areas of our lives: 1. Intellectual 2. Emotional 3. Spiritual 4. Instinctual. Humans - according to Cesar - will follow a leader if they are intelligent, emotional or spiritual regardless if the leader is stable or instinctual. Dogs on the other hand will only follow a leader that is stable.

The book tells us that nature takes care of the unstable or threats in 4 ways: 1. Fight 2. Flight 3. Avoidance 4. Submission. And, that a dog's natural goal is to be connected - to live harmoniously - and be grounded and balanced with mother nature.

Mother Nature uses dominance and aggression to keep things in balance. And, she is ruthless on the weak.

Does any of this ring true in the world that you live in? It really resonates with me and all of the turmoil and troubles of my life.

Cesar suggests that your dog knows who you really are inside - no matter how hard you try o hide - they know if you are unbalanced or stable and sure of yourself. You can maybe hide yourself from yourself, but your dog knows everything. WOW! I Believe! I Believe!

I have been a dog owner (most of my life I've owned two dogs at a time) and all of my dogs seemed to be better intune with what I was really feeling than I ever seemed to be. Because of my history with dogs, the message about dogs in this book is really signing to the choir - what has really caught my attention is how much of the research can be applied to human relationships.

I've also read so many self-help and feel good theories and books (I am a writer after all and need all the feel good I can get) and this information just seems to cut to the basic instinct and cuts out the complexity of life.

I still have over 260 pages to go. I'll be writing about this book again, and possibly a third or fourth again....

As an aside, Cesar's wife's name is Illusion. This means nothing to the book or the message of the book - it just provides an huh? moment.


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