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What's write today is all about going green

There is a new book out called Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach. When the first push to start recycling paper at home and in the work place occurred in the early 1990s, my family in lived in a community that immediately jumped on the band wagon and it took little time for it to seem like everyone was recycling - virtually overnight.

As it turns out - recycling has continued to be practiced at almost all levels from the one person apartment renter to business, government, schools and universities. We now have an entire generation that has grown up seeing those recycle bins in their homes, schools and workplaces. And, it continues to make a difference in the environment.

Bach details 50 ways you can take going green up a notch from paper recycling. He starts by telling you how to determine your impact on the environment or your carbon footprint. From there he provides easy and doable ways to go green in one area or all areas of your life.

For many people, changing vehicles to smaller and …