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Green is on - Green is Good

The green movement is really taking on momentum and I love it. My family is trying to make a difference - both in our personal lives and in our businesses. We are buying all of our new cleaning products in the many eco-brands hitting the grocery store shelves.

We are also recycling paper and cardboard - it is very distressing to realize how over packaged products are these days. Just in one box that we got a new ceiling light in had cardboard inside and out, Styrofoam, plastic, tape and paper. It is also very distressing to realize how much paper we waste when it comes to printing in the office.

Regardless of past practices, we have printers that can print on both sides of the paper and we are using that feature to the fullest - we have recycle boxes at every printer - we are recycling junk mail, newspapers, magazines and packaging paper. We are also recycling the cardboard that soda is packaged. In the near future, we will be recycling soda cans.

On the post-consumer side, we have been …