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Got a New Internet 'Toy" to Write About

This posting really does not have much to do with writing or being a writer.  Nor is it about reading. Unless you count the writing job listings or the fact that you have to actually read the site. It is really just about finding a good, useful web site that millions of people are using. 
You know how some people get when they buy a new thing - a car, boat, computer, etc. - it's like they have a new toy to play with. 
I just recently - the site has been around over ten years and everyone seems to be using it so I'm not sure how I missed it until now - found It is like I got a new toy and just have to spend all of my little bit of spare time looking at the listings. 
If you have not visited craigslist, immediately leave this blog and and go to
I have two sisters who both held garage sales over the summer and both listed on craigslist and lo and behold, they had a number of people mention that they found the garage sales listed on craigslist.

The Marketing Gurus Book Review

A recently released book called The Marketing Gurus - Lessons from the Best Marketing Books of All Time - is a great reference book for those new to management. It is also a great book for those who have been in management at various levels. Some of the summaries are of books that are over 15 years old. The Popcorn Report - for example - was published in 1991. Faith Popcorn was hailed as the Nostradamus of Marketing by Fortune Magazine. Popcorn was a creative director and is now a bestselling author, lecture and consultant. Many of the Ten Trends to Shape the 1990s provided in her book were right on the money. She predicted cocooning where people would be working and staying at home to do such things as online shopping etc. Staying alive is a trend she predicated that consumers would be highly interested in self-diagnostic tests and preventive health-care products. And, she foresaw the green initiative. Popcorn called the S.O.S. - save our society. The Marketing Gurus provides summarie…

Write-on - I bought an Apple Mac Laptop

I am probably one of the most conservative persons you could meet or ever want to meet. Wearing my conservative cloak at all times, I have always thought about what my family - more specifically - my son would think before doing anything including selecting certain clothing styles. My motto has been - not to do anything that would make my husband or my son embarrassed or not want to know me anymore. And, I feel that I have kept to that motto and have behaved exemplary throughout my adult life. That is until one day about two weeks ago when - in a true moment of wild abandonment - I let my husband buy me an Apple Mac laptop. My son - the truest Windows and Linux guy you would ever want to meet - is pretending that the Mac laptop does not exist. He has told me he is disappointed that I gave into the hype that is Apple and he is certain that I am no longer technology literate but have some how become technology illiterate. Having owned the Mac for a full two weeks - I admit that I do like…