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Blogging from Beautiful Hawaii

Vacationing is the best activity in the world - especially when it is taking place in Hawaii. What a paradise! It is the first time here for me. It is actually the first time I've seen the Pacific Ocean.

Tropical is what I'd like to write about today. The warmth, the humidity, the sun, the flowers, the palm trees, the warm never-ending ocean waves, the lifestyle. Why is it we don't all live in the tropics?

While I enjoy all of the comforts of the tropics when visiting, I image it takes a stamina for slow, for laid back, maybe today...or tomorrow living. I was born to multi-task and to put 30 hours of activity into every 24 hours I get in my life. I would love to retire in the tropics...maybe.

Visiting the tropics is what I like best. Living in the tropics probably would not be good for my personality. Of course, maybe in time I would be able to adjust that multi-tasking, hurry up and get it done so I can move onto the next project and let all of my go, go, go - go out with the tide.

I think for now, I am thinking too much. For the rest of the trip, I am going to leave the computer packed away and enjoy the surf, the sand, the sounds and of course all of the food of Hawaii. 

Aloha and Mahalo for reading.


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