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Go Green this Holiday Season

Check out the two web sites I've recently listed for buying handmade, eco-friendly gifts and personal items. Great companies are opening everywhere that are offering handmade soaps, toys, gifts, clothing, and just about anything you could ask for. Giving green says you care not just about the person receiving the gift but also about the environment. I've researched and written may articles on going green. It is a great initiative that is slowly having its importance downgraded by what is happening in the economic environment. I realize keeping one's home and putting food on the table every day has to take priority over trying to recycle, reuse or reduce. Nonetheless, the green initiative has to stay alive even in the smallest of ways. Buying green, giving green, receiving green or just keep talking green will all help. Do what you can do.....

Blogging Fever Rises

Blogging has become a past time for many business professionals, students, computer hobbyists, news junkies and the list goes on. I obviously enjoy it because I'm maintaining two blogs myself. 
Another activity that I would have to rate as one of my top five is to walk through bookstores (old or new, modern or flea market, any and all bookstores) and spend hours at a time looking through the book shelves of every genre. And, of course spending way too much time in the magazine and periodicals section. 
This past week I came across a magazine called Artful Blogging - a magazine dedicated to "Visually Inspiring Online Journals". 
The cover was artfully set and colorfully eye catching.  The entire magazine had pictures and descriptions of blog sites maintained by those who are artful and creative. 
For example, is written by a nature photographer. A jewelry designer maintains a site at 
The magazine reviews blogs tha…