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Definitive Resource for Green Business Stategies

Just finished a great book about green business. Green to Gold by Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston is an easy to read resource guide for learning what the actual issues are and how companies can implement a green initiative. I've read several books on green. Some have been worth the read and some have not. Some have just been more of the same while others have sparked ideas and motivated me to do more at my small office and convince others in my family to do more at their homes and companies. This book really got me excited because of the way the authors explained the issues facing now and in the future and then provided a workable solution to building a strategy. It's a great read. Check it out at

More Books With Dogs

Since reading Marley and Me last month, I have read two more books that have dogs as part of the main story line. I just finished a book by Dean Kontz (the Darkest Evening of the Year, 2007 Bantam Books) that had golden retrievers as part of the central theme. It was a really good book and he wrapped the story around the dogs expertly. 
And, I just started a book by Nicholas Sparks (The Lucky One, 2008 Hachett Book Group) that has the main character walking across the United States with his faithful companion, a German shepherd. I am only about 50 pages in on this book but the Dean Kontz book was a very good read. Kontz has included a golden retriever in at least one other book that I have read called The Watchers in 1987. 
He and his wife, according to the book jacket, own a golden and it makes sense that it would become intertwined in his writings.  
What is interesting at this time is that I have read three books from very different genres (Marley and Me was based on actual events, on…