More Books With Dogs

Since reading Marley and Me last month, I have read two more books that have dogs as part of the main story line. I just finished a book by Dean Kontz (the Darkest Evening of the Year, 2007 Bantam Books) that had golden retrievers as part of the central theme. It was a really good book and he wrapped the story around the dogs expertly. 

And, I just started a book by Nicholas Sparks (The Lucky One, 2008 Hachett Book Group) that has the main character walking across the United States with his faithful companion, a German shepherd. I am only about 50 pages in on this book but the Dean Kontz book was a very good read. Kontz has included a golden retriever in at least one other book that I have read called The Watchers in 1987. 

He and his wife, according to the book jacket, own a golden and it makes sense that it would become intertwined in his writings.  

What is interesting at this time is that I have read three books from very different genres (Marley and Me was based on actual events, one book was a thriller and one is a love story) within the past month and all three have dogs as part of the story line. 

I love dogs and have owned a dog my entire life including several mixed breeds when I was a kid, two black labs, a beagle, two fox terriers, one schitzu, and at present two mini schnauzers.  

It just seems surprising to find so many different kinds of books with dogs in them in such a short time frame. It is a good thing but a surprise nonetheless. 

Oh, by the way, all three books are worth a read and in the dead of winter with so much snow, ice and cold, grab your dog, snuggle up on the couch and read, read, read....


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