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A Great New Book That Makes Me Feel That I Can Belong

A great book that has really touched a part of me is The Fearless Fish Out of Water How to Succeed When You're The Only One Like You by Robin Fisher Roffer.
The author talks about how she has always felt like a fish out of water and never really belonged to any one group. She is a successful best selling author and CEO of Big Fish Marketing and works with high profile clients such as A&E, Bravo, and CNN. 
I have also always felt like a fish out of water. I was raised in a family that put more emphasis on marriage and raising a family than believing that a person can be and do anything they want in life. 
I on the other hand have always thought out side of my traditional upbringing and wanted to move to New York City to become a famous writer. Small town America residents were not supposed to think and dream so big.  So that always put me on the outside looking in. 
One of the author's paragraphs struck an especially nice chord for me, "accepting yourself for your differen…

Check Out My New Book

My first book has been released and is available for sale on and The book is called Making the Media Connection Topic, Timing and Type of Media.

The book addresses tips, techniques and ideas for making a media connection. It is a quick read and contains lots of tried and true techniques for pitching the news from a company or organization to news media.

The tips in the book can be applied to traditional media including newspapers, magazines and radio as well as the new online media such as social networks and online newspapers.

If you decide to purchase it, let me know what you think....