Books About Books

Being an avid reader for most of my life, my recent discovery of all of the books about books and the books of lists of books have proven a pleasant surprise. The lists of books I'm working on now are off of a few of the lists of 100 best books provided by author Rachelle Rogers Knight.

Her book called Read, Remember, Recommend, a Reading Journal for Book Lovers, Bibliopages, 2007, is kind of a journal for readers. You can build your list of favorite books along with notes about the books and about your favorite authors.

The lists of 100 best books provides readers with author names, titles, year the book was published, and columns for readers to mark if they own the book, would recommend the book if they want to read it or want to own it.

The different 100 best lists are from sources like New York Magazine, Oprah's Book Club, National Book Critics Circle, Feminista Journal, Time Magazine, and The Modern Library.

I've decided one of my top goals before I age to the point that I have difficulty reading and difficulty hearing books on CD is to read at least half of the Time Magazine and the Oprah's club lists.


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