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Pour Your Heart Into It Book Review

Just finished a book by Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO from Starbucks. The book is co-authored by Dori Jones Yang (Hyperion, 1997).

Although the book is was written over ten years ago, the message that Schultz delivered is still relevant today. Working for more than the bottom line, loving the work, developing a mission, living the mission, always thinking of delivering a top of the line product and exceptional service to the customer, and believing in your self and your vision.

These are all messages that all levels of professionals need to hear over and again. It is easy to see why Starbucks has become the phenomena that it has - which is exactly the vision that Schultz had for the company from the very beginning. He wanted to share the espresso drinks that he enjoyed while traveling abroad with people living in America.

He started with one dream and developed it into a national vision. It is a good book with a good message and is worth being dusted off and brought down off the back …

The Art of Racing in the Rain Book Review

I usually only review business topic related books, but I recently read a book called The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (HarperCollins Publisher, 2008) that has so many life lessons scattered amongst the pages that I had to include a review of the book here.

Many of the lessons apply to personal as well as professional living. The book is story of a family that experiences several tragedies all of which are related to the reader through the perspective of the family dog. The owner of the dog is a race car driver and explains to the dog, "But a racer should never be afraid of the rain; a racer should embrace the rain."

And, that by changing one's mood, one's energy will also change. The narrating dog tells the readers up front that he believes he was meant to be born a man and even though at the time of the story, he is a dog, he believes when he dies, he will return as a man.

The dog's name is Enzo and he takes the readers through his experiences when he …