Books Showcasing Gary Smith's Writings

Gary Smith has been a writer for Sports Illustrated for more than 25 years. He has written stories about all types of sports including professional, college, and high school. Smith has been pegged as one of the greatest article writers of our time.

His features are not just stories about sports, they are much more about life itself. Smith has won numerous awards including four National Magazine Awards, the most won by any writer to-date. There are two books, Going Deep 20 Classic Sports Stories (Sports Illustrated, 2008) and Beyond the Game (Grove Press, 2000) that together showcase 35 of his award winning, unforgettable, hauntingly told stories.

His writings really are novellas which readers can get heavily involved with the plot that just happens to be based on fact and true life. On the surface, Smith's writings don't appear to have too many business lessons to teach, but underneath there is always a lesson to be had on how to be a better person both professionally and personally.

Smith's stories tell us about perseverance, hope, truth, how to listen, how to talk, and above all else, integrity. All of which are great principles to apply to any business situation. Take a look at these two books, they are worth the read, maybe several reads.


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