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Learn Competitive Business Tactics from Business Books

With the economic recovery still struggling to take hold, many businesses continue to cut costs where they can, especially in the training budgets. Many companies cut the professional development for their employees while trying to save money during slow times. One way to help employees stay current with new trends is to suggest or provide an arsenal or at least a small library of business books.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, an online shoe retailer, is releasing his new book later this month, tells readers that Zappos was shaped by good, relevant books. He encourages his employees to read for both professional and personal growth.

There are many new business books that can help companies get back into the competitive business game including Hsieh's new book Delivering Happiness A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. Other new books on topics such as change, why one's work should matter, motivation, management, open leadership, and Sustainable Excellence by Colin Dickerman due out in October, 2010.

So if you are looking for an effective, low cost method of enhancing employee's development, take a drive to the local bookstore or the local library and start looking the business sections.  


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Women on The Most Wanted List at Many Companies

A great new book called Womenomics (Harper Collins, 2009) by co-authors Claire Shipman and Katty Kay details new research that proves that women are “the hot commodity” in the workplace.

Women executives have proven to be better leaders, create higher profits, maintain a higher level of organization, and most important, they can use both sides of their brains.

A few new terms introduced include "pink profits", "asset-to-estrogen", "a new all" and the title itself, "womenomics."

Women are in big demand and the authors propose that it is a good time for women to ask themselves what they want at work and then ask their bosses for it. Flex time, or less time at the office, guilt free time off, or working from home some of the time are benefits that companies are starting to realize make good motivators and are received by women as benefits.

It is a great book with some really great statistics about women in the workplace.

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