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The Value of Reading Business Books

I am currently reviewing a book called Wrong Why Experts Keep Failing Us-and How to Know When Not to Trust Them (Little, Brown and Company, June 2010) by David H. Freeman. You can see a full review later today at

Freeman's premise is that we consumers cannot trust any scientific finding or believe anyone that calls him or herself an expert in any type of profession. He also mentions that he believes that all of the business books with all of the many theories on improvements for business, procedural, and personal, are overburdening us and may be slowing down production versus helping.

He also mentions that some of the business book authors may not be the experts that readers are led to believe. His thoughts have some basis when considering the quantity of business theories represented and if the managers reading those books try to implement every theory within the company.

Professionals reading business books for personal and professional can benefit the most from th…

Posting to FaceBook Account

I have just linked my whatswritetoday business book review blog to my FaceBook account. Hopefully my new blog posts will start posting to all of my friends and associates on FaceBook. Looking forwarding to sharing the many wonderful and helpful books about business, marketing, leadership, and life in general with all of you.