Apolo Ohno's New Book

Just finished Apolo's new book, Zero Regrets (Atria Books, 2010), and was surprised by how easy the book read because it did start out a bit slow and cumbersome. As Apolo continued to share some of his personal life, his closeness to his father, and how he feels about his absent mother, the book just got better and better.

Apolo gives his readers insights into his own thought processes for staying fit, getting ready for competition, healing and sometimes rebuilding after competitions, and what his thoughts were during some of his best Olympic moments. He also discusses how inexperienced he was with his skating equipment when he first began and how that spurred him to learn more and do more on the ice.

He includes a motivation page before each chapter where he provides motivational messages and more insights into his own psyche. One example is the page for Chapter 12. He writes about maturity, "When you're  younger, you just hammer. You're naive, in a sense. You don't know. You don't know what it's like to fail. You have no Olympic medals. You have nothing to lose."

His Dancing With the Stars fans will be glad to know he includes an entire chapter on his experiences on the dance stage. Apolo ends the book with, "It's the yin and the yang. It's infinity. The possibilities are endless. In pursuit of zero regrets."

It's a good read and a good look at one of the most well known Olympic champions of the past few years.


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