So I got an iPad for Christmas

I got it. I got what I had been asking for over the past year. I got an Apple iPad. It is a great little digital tool. I have been using it to track project notes, do my calendar, and read email. It has a much bigger screen to read email than my iPhone.

It makes a great net surfing machine. I am typing this post using the iPad right now. Of course typing is made a bit easier with the full size Apple keyboard I got as an accessory.

I've watched movies, listened to music, put an album full of my favorite photos, and yes, I've purchased a couple of e-books. Reading books is really a breeze and provides many moments of nice features for an avid reader.

Is reading in bed made more difficult because of low light? Do you spend a lot of time waiting in lobbies and wish you had a book with you to help pass the time? None of those problems occur when reading a book using the iPad.

The iPad is backlit which takes care of the low light situations. The iPad is small and compact and can easily be carried in a briefcase so that you have it with you at all times for all types of situations. I've read a book over the iPad while waiting to board a plane, while riding a plane, while waiting for my car to get its oil changed, and while waiting for my dinner to come at my favorite restaurant.

It is truly a miracle machine. All the great parts of a smartphone combined with some of the most used features of a laptop computer put into one lightweight, small power machine. Wow!


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