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A few great phone apps

Many smart phone users may be getting tired of all the apps that others tell them they must download. Nonetheless, I'm recommended a few travel apps that are useful to any type of traveler.

  • First, the Kayak app is helpful to use when searching for the best deals for flights, hotels and car rentals. You can also check flight status and book hotel rooms with the app.
  • Tripit is a useful for managing travel plans such as itineraries, flights and hotels. You can forward all trip information to the app and it will build an itinerary for you. There is a professional version that costs $49 per year. 
  • Google Translate is fluent in 63 languages. The app listens to someone talk and then will speak the translation. 

For travelers, these apps won't just sit there on the phone. They will be used again and again.


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