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Robert Redford The Biography Book Review

Biographies are important books to read for the historical perspective and for the many business lessons found in so many of the bios - including those of celebrities. A new biography by Michael Feeney Callan, Robert Redford The Biography (Alfred A. Knopf, 2012) is a biography that includes a few lessons learned.
The book took over 16 years to finish.  It is a lengthy 445 pages including a filmography in the back. The author starts the book way back in Redford's family tree making the first few chapters a bit slow in the reading. The story quickly picks up steam and gets much more interesting around the third chapter or so.

Redford participated in the writing of the book by providing the author with his personal papers, journals, correspondence and spent hundreds of hours taping interviews. Callan writes about how late Redford has always been his entire life including being late to movie sets and ultimately costing some of his producers a lot of money.

The book also covers Redf…