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Understanding the power of a good story

One of the most admired sports writers, Gary Smith (Sports Illustrated), shows his expertise in storytelling in a book full of a collection of his sports articles. The book, Sports Illustrated Going Deep 20 Classics Sports Stories (Sports Illustrated Books) was published in 2008 but the stories are still vibrant and relevant to learning the art of storytelling for any type of writer.

A few of the titles include:
"Higher Education" Deep in Ohio's Amish country, the unlikeliest of men changed a town's ideas about how to live."The Chosen One" Tiger Woods was raised by his father to believe he would change the world."The Boys on the Bus"Three days after 9/11, the author, strange though it felt, took his son to a high school football game. Those are just three of the titles offered in this book. The opening of "The Boys on the Bus"follows:

"Everything in the little town came to a halt at dusk on the day America mourned. Five police cars…