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Holiday Book Lists

The 2012 Christmas shopping season has officially started. The holiday sales ads and emails are coming at us nonstop in the newspapers, on television, online and in magazines. Kids and adults are making their shopping and their wish lists and checking them twice. Other lists are making the rounds too, the season's reading lists.

Columnists all over the country are making their recommendations and offering up short lists of the thousands of books that line the bookshelves of the brick and mortar and the virtual bookstores. I'm about to add to those highly respected and highly read lists of books that make great gifts. I love giving books as gifts and love receiving books as gifts.

My current reading list includes four books that have made headlines over the past few months and a few that top the lists of enjoyable fiction books to read. I am either in the process of reading the following books, I have the books in waiting for me start reading or have them on my gift wish list…