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Two Organizations that Promote Reading

There a number of great organizations that promote reading to children and adults. Two longtime organizations include Get Caught Reading and First book. I've included links to both below.

The Get Caught Reading program has been around for over a decade. I've implemented Get Caught Reading campaigns at past places of employment and it is a fun and encouraging activity for the workplace. Let your imagination run a bit and consider finding a way to implement a campaign at the office, the school where you teach or work, at a non-profit or a medical facility.

You will be surprised by how much people really want to share what they are reading with others.

The second organization promoting reading is also doing a great job of getting the word out about the benefits of reading. The website says they have distributed over 100 million books in the United States and Canada. I've been involved with literacy groups in the past and it always amazed me how many young children don't have access to books at home or out of school. It was always a gratifying event when one of the literacy groups gave out free books to elementary and middle school children.

Many of the kids were just so happy to receive a book they could take home and call their own. The First Book story will inspire you to get more involved in getting books into the hands of as many children as you can. Check it out!


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Women on The Most Wanted List at Many Companies

A great new book called Womenomics (Harper Collins, 2009) by co-authors Claire Shipman and Katty Kay details new research that proves that women are “the hot commodity” in the workplace.

Women executives have proven to be better leaders, create higher profits, maintain a higher level of organization, and most important, they can use both sides of their brains.

A few new terms introduced include "pink profits", "asset-to-estrogen", "a new all" and the title itself, "womenomics."

Women are in big demand and the authors propose that it is a good time for women to ask themselves what they want at work and then ask their bosses for it. Flex time, or less time at the office, guilt free time off, or working from home some of the time are benefits that companies are starting to realize make good motivators and are received by women as benefits.

It is a great book with some really great statistics about women in the workplace.

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