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Summer Reading Programs

Summer is a great time to read! Take a book to the beach or sit on the deck and read. Reading is exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Many libraries across the U.S. offer summer reading programs for the kids and teenagers and some offer adult reading programs. Check out your local library for summer reading programs or book clubs, it's a great way to get excited about reading.

You should also heck out all of the great summer reading lists at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or at your local library. And, remember audio books make great entertainment for long car rides on the way to vacation destinations or on the airplane!

There are plenty of new business books available for reading over the summer along with all those biographies that you wanted to read last winter and of course you have to read a few mysteries or love stories just for the entertainment factor.

Here are some links to a few summer reading book lists including lists of books for the kids in your life: