Books about Horses and So Much More

Why does a review post about books on horses belong on a business book review blog? Readers will be amazed at how horses are being used to teach leadership and communications skills these days.

I've been reading three books in particular in this first go around. They are not new books but they are representative of how horses are used to teach horse sense to humans.

Horses have played major roles around the world for centuries. They were a vital form of transportation until the invention of automobiles. Horses have fought in battles and wars and they carried people from the east coast to the west and southern coastlines to help build populations across the U.S.

Today, horse handlers are finding the characteristics of horses can teach humans many valuable lessons.

The three books I'm currently reading include:

  • Horses Don't Lie - What Horses Teach Us About Our Natural Capacity for Awareness, Confidence, Courage and Trust by Chris Irwin with Bob Weber
  • Dancing with your Dark Horse - How Horse Sense Helps Us Find Balance, Strength and Wisdom by Chris Irwin with Bob Webber
  • Horse Sense and the Human Heart -What Horses Can Teach Us about Trust, Bonding, Creativity and Spirituality by Adele von Rust McCormick, Ph.D. and Marlena Deborah McCormick, Ph.D.
These three books are only the tip of the iceberg on the topic of horse sense. Check them out at the library and let me know what you think of the lessons we can learn from these amazing animals. 


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