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Happy New Year - Welcome 2016

Starting a new year means starting the year with a blank page. How will you write this year's story? Filled with fun and happiness or filled with mystery or intrigue?

This is a great time to set goals for the upcoming year. Some might call them resolutions. I prefer to think of them as goals for the year. Some of my standard new year goals include making more money, reading more books, writing more book reviews and writing more stories.

You might stop at your local bookstore on Jan.1 to find the perfect books to help you get the new year started off right. A few of the books I'm working on as we go from 2015 to 2016 include:

M Train by Patti Smith
Over the Top by Tom Jones
Dream House by Catherine ArmsdenIf I Run by Terri Blackstock

I'm looking forward to meeting more great books this year. Happy New Year!

List of recent book reviews

Below is a list of recent book reviews I've posted on Blogcritics. Once again, the list contains some great books by great authors. There is a mix of business and other books on the list. Enjoy.

The Business of Family How to Stay Rich for Generations

Shadow Work

30 Lessons for Loving - {This is such a great book}

Home for Dinner Mixing Food, fun and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids


The Greening of Asia

The Summer is Going to be Filled with Great Reading

I stopped at my local bookstore today and found a wonderland filled with many new books by some of my favorite authors. I had a great time looking through the new titles. I had to purchase a few including "Early Warning" by Jane Smiley, "The Stranger" by Harlan Coben and "God is Always Hiring" by my all time favorite local author, Regina Brett.

When all of you are making plans for summer travel and trips, make sure and include a stop at your local bookstore. I can't wait to start reading while sitting in the sun on my patio, while sitting on the beach or while sitting at a table at an outdoor table at my favorite coffee shop. It's going to be a great reading summer.

Marketing Fifty Shades of Gray a Success

It started out as a three book series. Then social media took over and turned the series into a must read, bestselling story. Next, came the movie. Then social media took over again. Now there's a bestselling soundtrack according to Twitter,

I can't image there is someone who hasn't at least heard about the books, the movie or the soundtrack, but in case you haven't, here's a link to the books on,

I did read the first two books of the series and gave up on the last one. Don't know why exactly just got a bit tired of the storyline. I bought all three books at one time so it may have been better to purchase them and read them one at a time. The movie has gotten mixed reviews so I think I'll wait for the release on blue ray to watch.

It's making history in more ways than one. The marketing machine on Fifty Shades of Gray…