Book Lists and the Purpose They Serve

I'm a list person. I like to make lists, cross out the items on the list I've completed and make a new list of items still to do or new things that need done. My affinity for lists is why I post many lists of best books on this blog.

I like lists and the book lists are highly useful for the person who is working hard at working hard and may not have the time to walk through a bookstore on a regular basis. Lots of people must find the best books lists helpful because almost very magazine you buy or look through will have a list of new books or must have books for success.

A short list of the magazines with lists of best business books for 2017 included Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and Business Insider. The New York Times also provides a list of top selling business books and you can do a google search to find some of the top selling and best reviewed books.

Below is a list of links that will lead you to lists of recommendations for reading and some reviews:

Inc. Magazine
Standford Business
New York Times
Books for Entrepreneurs
Business Insider

While 2017 is flying by, there's still plenty of time to pick up a few of the books on the list either at your local library or at your local bookstore. Just like I don't apologize for liking lists, I won't apologize for thinking that business books make great beach readers.

As always, keep reading!

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